Papers using flavio

This is a curated list of publications and preprints making use of the flavio package. To add your paper to this list, you can edit this page on Github.

Authors Title arXiv Code
A. Datta, J. Kumar, J. Liao, D. Marfatia New light mediators for the $R_K$ and $R_K*$ puzzles 1705.08423  
A. K. Alok, B. Bhattacharya, A. Datta, D. Kumar, J. Kumar, D. London New Physics in $b \rightarrow s \mu^+ \mu^-$ after the Measurement of $R_{K^*}$ 1704.07397  
A. K. Alok, D. Kumar, J. Kumar, R. Sharma Lepton flavor non-universality in the B-sector: a global analyses of various new physics models 1704.07347  
S. Di Chiara, A. Fowlie, S. Fraser, C. Marzo, L. Marzola, M. Raidal, C. Spethmann Minimal flavor-changing $Z^\prime$ models and muon $g-2$ after the $R_K^\ast$ measurement 1704.06200  
F. Sala, D. M. Straub A New Light Particle in B Decays? 1704.06188  
G. D’Amico, M. Nardecchia, P. Panci, F. Sannino, A. Strumia, R. Torre, A. Urbano Flavour anomalies after the $R_K^\ast$ measurement 1704.05438  
W. Altmannshofer, P. Stangl, D. M. Straub Interpreting Hints for Lepton Flavor Universality Violation 1704.05435  
A. Kumar Alok, B. Bhattacharya, D. Kumar, J. Kumar, D. London, S. Uma Sankar New Physics in $b \rightarrow s \mu^+ \mu^-$: Distinguishing Models through CP-Violating Effects 1703.09247  
W. Altmannshofer, C. Niehoff, P. Stangl, D. M. Straub, Status of the $B\to K^\ast\mu^+\mu^-$ anomaly after Moriond 2017 1703.09189 Github
W. Altmannshofer, C. Niehoff, D. M. Straub $B_s\to\mu^+\mu^-$ as current and future probe of new physics 1702.05498 Github
B. Bhattacharya, A. Datta, J.-P. Guévin, D. London, R. Watanabe Simultaneous Explanation of the $R_K$ and $R_{D^{(\ast)}}$ Puzzles: a Model Analysis 1609.09078  
A. Paul, D. M. Straub Constraints on new physics from radiative $B$ decays 1608.02556 Github